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Laboratory Manager:

The Nelson lab at the University of Louisiana Lafayette ( is seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and organized individual to participate in field and laboratory-based studies in coastal ecosystems in Louisiana. The Nelson lab conducts interdisciplinary research in coastal ecosystems to understand how marine organisms respond to changing environmental conditions. We use a variety of techniques in our work including field surveys, experimental approaches, stable isotope analysis, mathematical modeling, and remote sensing.


The general responsibilities of the position will be to conduct fieldwork (sometimes in arduous conditions) in coastal marshes and offshore from vessels. In the lab, the person will organize lab workflow, keep accurate records, make lab purchases, supervise undergraduate workers, and work with graduate students to accomplish project goals. Experience with stable isotope analysis, operating small boats, and coding in R are a plus. Come work with us in Cajun Country!

Basic Qualifications/Requirements:

• BS/MS in Biology, Chemistry, or Environmental Science

• Intensive Field Work Experience

• Wetland Research Experience

• Capable of performing and directing lab work and flow.

• General computer knowledge and the ability to use Office software.

• Excellent organizational skills and the ability to prioritize workload.

• Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

• Experience in Laboratory and Chemical Safety

• Must be able to travel and spend time in the field and offshore

• Can-do positive attitude

• Driven personality type

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Field Sampling and sample processing

• Manage undergraduate workers and work with graduate students.

• Process tissue samples for stable isotope analysis

• Organize and prepare equipment for field-work

• Travel to field sites and stay offshore overnight

Location: Lafayette, LA

Salary: $35,568/yr

Interested candidates, please email a C.V. to

Dr. Nelson- & Kristen Fellows M.Sc.-

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